Tips for naturally anxious people (and everyone, really)

I’ll admit, somewhat begrudgingly, I’m a naturally anxious person. It’s funny because most people wouldn’t guess that about me. Us anxious people can be good at hiding. I tend to attribute my anxious tendencies to my perfectionist nature. I tend to want to get everything right the first time. In my effort to achieve this, itContinue reading “Tips for naturally anxious people (and everyone, really)”

Letter to a pre-panic disorder self

It’s understandable to avoid what scares you. It’s easy to shy away from an unsettling thought, to say you’d rather not talk about it. For me, that sensitive topic is panic disorder. Thinking about the “P word” has a tendency to make my stomach curl and hold my breath hostage. Fear. Panic. The body respondsContinue reading “Letter to a pre-panic disorder self”

The dangers of only sharing our mental health successes

We are united by what makes us human, not what makes us more like robots. No one wants to hear that you are so good at everything. They really want to hear what you’ve struggled with and how you’ve dealt with it. Thoughtful and understanding conversations: these things forge a true connection. We’re inadvertently isolating ourselves in our quest for perfection.