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We are weaponizing self-care, especially in workplaces

Self-care is a new buzzword, especially in the workplace. And like most buzzwords, it’s popular for reasons that have nothing to do with its original intent. It’s a word like any other word that can be said without action behind it, effectively rendering it useless. First, it’s important to state the cause of employee wellness is a good and honorable one. Since employees spend so…

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Panic, my story- part 1

I had my first panic attack my sophomore year of college. I was sitting in my then boyfriend’s apartment, on his roommate’s ugly hand-me-down couch. We were watching something on Netflix, getting ready to go to a party. To echo the common description of panic attack symptoms, I felt like I was having a heart attack. Some invisible being was choking me and I couldn’t…

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“What does it feel like to be alive?

Living, you stand under a waterfall.

You leave the sleeping shore deliberately; you shed your dusty clothes, pick your barefoot way over the high, slippery rocks, hold your breath, choose your footing, and step into the waterfall.

The hard water pelts your skull, bangs in bits on your shoulders and arms. The strong water dashes down beside you and you feel it along your calves and thighs rising roughly backup, up to the roiling surface, full of bubbles that slide up your skin or break on you at full speed.

Can you breathe here? Here where the force is the greatest and only the strength of your neck holds the river out of your face.

Yes, you can breathe even here. You could learn to live like this.”

-Annie Dillard, An American Childhood

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